River Falls Baseball

the Dugout Club

Thank you to the following members for their support!

Now is the time to get involved in activities for the 2019 season. As always, we need people to help in a variety of other ways ranging from field work and announcing to concessions and fundraising, not to mention several other items directly and indirectly related to Wildcat Baseball. All successful programs thrive on volunteer work and community support. The Dugout Club truly appreciates your assistance!

High School Coach: Ryan Bishop ryan.bishop@rfsd.k12.wi.us 715-426-4791
Current Rep: Paula Feyereisen p.feyereisen@sbcglobal.net 651-208-6148
Current Rep: Jane Davis yjanedavis@gmail.com 715-338-8093
Current Rep: Wendy Penny bwdtpenny@gmail.com 715-441-1123

Current Rep: Jason Schwantz jason.schwantz@chsinc.com 612-242-1397

Current Rep: Gretchen Stoffel rfstoffels@gmail.com​ 651-261-9748
All Dugout Club meetings are open to everyone. If you are interested in attending,
please contact any board member for the date and location of the next meeting.